Equity Financing (Investor) looking for great project to invest

Posted by on Sep 21, 2011 in Blog, Investor

Our Partners look for general 2-3 years investment with more than 25% return. They will detail the exit plan with the companies.

Our  investor/investors who are keen in following industries:

1) Green Technology (energy, power, recycling, paper)

2) Property development (hotel, mixed development, shopping mall, transportation hub, industrial park, factory, logistic warehouse, university, college)

3) Government projects or government linked companies (GLC) projects

4) Oil and gas

5) Palm Oil Plantation

6) Mining (Coal, Iron Ore, Gold, Copper)

7) Management Buy Out (MBO)

8 Information Technology (IT) or smart phone application

Should you keen to invest too,  please contact us :  investor@bolehcapital.com